When googling Allante Keeshonden, the site is redirected to Dynasty Kees. The person behind this kennel, Alan Leff of Texas, is a scam artist and not to be trusted.

Would not every do business with him nor purchase a dog from him. Stay away! The website has been deceptively taken from the real Allante Kees. This person has threatened lawsuits against many who have not done what he has wanted.

He is noteworthy in the dog who world because he rubs elbows with judges.

People are scared of him and the truth about him needs to be out. Have never heard of a Dynasty dog that has been successful.

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It sneems that Jeri Spalding Caldwell has such a miserable life in my opinion that she has to attack anyone that dares to cross her path. if you dare to disagree with her, she will stab you in the back, and try and get others to follow suit.

I showes dogs for her for almost 7 years and only when I wanted something my way she was she becaame mean and evil. She preys on puppy buyers that are novices. I never wanted to heiefe her, hut I gues its true.

In my opinion she is a "*** Hag", and has a thing for *** men. Once she figures out she can't have them, she gives up and bashes the *** out of them.

Jeri, I hope you go back to the mental institution where you were after you tried to kill yourself, and get some realy help. You definately need some.


Alan showed dogs for me before he ever showed for Jeri Spalding. He is honorable, he has never taken advantage of anyone, and if anything he is always there for the underdog.

Jeri Spalding was married to a meth cooker and seller, and when he dumped her, Alan was there to pick up the pieces, and bring her back from the dead.

She has always been a jealous mean person, and one that is always talking nasty about everyone behind their backs.

Too bad Jeri couldn't just let it go. When I asked him about the website, he said he paid 200.00 for the domaine and then 15.00 month for the past 6 years. He even offered to sell the domain to her for the cost of what he paid, and not the cost plus the monthly fee.

She is a very jealous vindictive person, who feels that by bad mouthing him, she can get away with everything and anything. She is the one who is pitiful, and mean. Jeri, why don't you let it go, and grow up?

I've been in the breed a long time, and Jeri has ridden on the coat tails of Jan Wanamaker, Janit Johnson, Linda Moss, and now Alan. He is a good guy and always there for the underdog. Now she has proven NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED!


Before you open your mouth, you better check the records. I've shown 3 Keeshonden to BIS plue 7 other group winners.

The dogs I showed I guess is because I hob nob with judges? This sounds bad for Jeri, the Allante Kees person.

I've finished 13 Cavaliers, over 20 Shiba Inu's, 30 Keeshonden, plus numerous other breeds.

I won a lot of wins with Allante dogs, and because Jeri doesnt want to admit that I finished and won with her dogs, if it's not Jeri writing the horrible things, then you need to learn your facts...

Who even knows about Allante Kees for the past years as she was out of business, until I helped her financially to bring her back to life in dogs.

So if this is not Jeri or David her current husband, then you better learn your facts. Remember this site keeps IP address' and I will investigate until I find out who is writing this.

Maybe you should be afraid of SLANDER charges because you have your head up your *** not knowing what the truth is.


I have known Alan Leff for over 40 years. He has done well by his friends and people he has shown dogs for.

Jeri Caldwell wrote all the evil things about him, and is only mad because he will not put any further funds into her dogs.

She is deceptive, and if it wasn't for him, she would've been out of dogs when her ex husband left her for his 23 year old guitar teacher.

Shame shame shame on her, and her lies about him.

concerned dog owner

This post was no posted by anyone associated with Allante Keeshond. Mr.

Leff assumed it was, but it wasn't. Now he is attacking his former partner because he doesn't know all of the facts. Here is a little know fact - Mr.

Leff was showing a dog for an owner so that she would marry his love interest at the time to make his lover a legal citizen. When the affair went south so did his agreement to show the dog.


I showed Kees for Allante Kees for over 7 years. In that time we were partners, with the exception of the money. She never had any after her husband divorced her and left for a 23 year old guitar teacher. When she had no money, I was there to pick up the pieces and put almost 100k into the showing and breeding of the dogs.

When I wanted a dog from a breeding we did together, she didn't want me to have one because she promised my puppy to someone else.

And she has the nerve to write this about me.

When asked if she wanted to purchase the domain name from me, she told me to stick it up my ***..since she never paid the 14.95 monthly upkeep for 7 years, nor most of the entries, traveling, and up until this last year had unpaid returned checks to dog show superentendents.

I co-owned Allante Kees with her, and now that I split the partnership up, she is putting horrible statements on the web.

Check out my facebook page, for pictures of 2 Allante dogs, with big bald patches from the COAT PROBLEM the breed has, and was told I was never to tell anyone about the dogs having the problem.

I will gladly share any other information about this Allante woman and her gossiping she has done about every other Kees breeders problems...yet refuses to admit her line has problems.

But I guess as she said I hob nob with judges, the only way an Allante Dog CAN WIN!

to Alan Leff #809863

Alan - trying to reach you but computer crash lost your email. Pls contact me - ann, who likes gems and bling!


If this was true that the only reason I won was because I HOB NOBBED with the judges, it doesnt say much for the Allante Keeshond, since I showed almost exclusively for Allante Kees. And if they only won for that reason, it basically says that the Allante Dogs Were inferior, since I had to HOB NOB with judges.


I would like this deleted. This was put up as a personal slam to me by my ex business partner. It has horrible name calling and is a personal attack.

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