This person is selling dogs that have genetic defects. Even though she claims her dogs do not have any of them, I have 2 of them myself with the Alopecia X problem. They both are Champions, at at 4-5 years of age, their hair started falling out around the neck and around their thighs.

She has also bred a dog in the near past that had both this Apopecia X factor and had Seizures.

She makes comments about everyone else, but she herself has genetic problems, and is badmouthing her EX partner, who is Dynastykees.com, which has been trying to correct her bad breeding practices.

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If you look at Allantekeeshond.com, you will see all of the pictures with a man's head cut off.This is Alan Leff of Dynasty Show Dogs.

He showed Jeri Caldwells dogs for 7 years, getting her only Best In Show, and all the Hall of Fames on her dogs, as well as their championship. I find it amusing she used his photos, but cut his head off. This proves what a vindictive *** she is. She needs to stop gossiping about him, and others.

She has been in trouble with KCA ,as she used to write the AKC gazette articles, but because her mental state, they kicked her off.

Shame she never appreciated all Alan Leff did for her!


The owner of Allante Keeshonden, Jeri Caldwell, has made horrible statements about so many people that she has caused problems for, it's incredible.

She never wants to take responsibility for any genetic defects that her her dogs have produced.

She is a liar and and took advantage of her EX-Partner of 7 years. He paid for 90% of all expenses, and walked away with a 11 year old dog, that he showed for her, that has Rage, a *** that has alopecia, that has been spayed and put in a pet home, and another puppy that her friend wound up breaking their contract and although he is entitled to compensation, he decided to take the high road, and not file a law suit.

Alltogeher he is a pretty good guy. He shows dogs to help people that have no money just to help them out.

She should be ashamed of herself.

Jeri, stop the madness and get on with your pathetic life

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